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Post Animal: Tame Impala on Even More Drugs

Some might say the first time they had contact with this band was when Joe Keery appeared on “Stranger Things”. Apparently the hair of this one sixth of the band got some attention there. However, I do not watch that Tv show (nothing against) and came across them in the one and only “Discovery Weekly” we all love. Coming from Chicago this six guys divide themselves between one drummer, one bassist and four guitar players of which one of them also plays synth! And they sound a lot like the Prog-Tame Impala thing with a King Gizzard touch. Why am I giving them this article then? Because they combine all the good and make it Great!! 

Until now they have released two albums, one in 2015 another the following year and we might expect another one for this year as well, due to their organic way of producing albums. As well harmonious is their hair style, clearly a way of grouping their fans that has produced good results. Contrasting the Beatles that all had the same hairstyle, this six have six different hair personalities. However one can see them going in a mutual free flow as their music does. Influences are clearly Australian Contemporaneous Rock like Tame Impala, their friends Pond and as said before as well King Gizzard. I could also reckon some Black Sabbath and even the Acid Beatles times.

After telling about such a great mix of bands I should tell you about their actual music. The first album named “Perform the Most Curious Water Activities” actually does have some water sounds along the first song, “Goggles” with a solo guitar screaming a beautiful ballad for 57 seconds alone, as their friends bass and drums join. Just 40 seconds pass and the vocals bring everyone in a peaceful psychedelia where they immediately show how all the six of them can sing. From the seven songs that compose this album my two favourites were definitely “A Whale’s Tale” a great sample of Spacial Rock where you actually feel underwater, that is only topped by the last song of the album, which let me undecided if I liked more the introduction or conclusion of the album with “Hoverin’ All Night” that gives you the perfect credits song for an album and as any credits, you have to stay until the really end for the surprising cartoonesque loop. 

The Garden Series starts with their most famous song by far from Spotify so far, “When I Get Home”, a loop one wishes would never end and possibly will turn into a psychedelia trend soon. There is a feeling of mellow happiness present in this album that is not common to the first album that also contributes for the harmony and maturity of a band that as not played as a full six gang for more than a year. In “You’re Not There” is where I could see better their watermark in a song with the violence of the first album combined with the maturity of the second bring a certain, already mentioned, happiness found in almost all the songs of the “Garden Series”. Album which features their favourite animal on the cover, the Chicago Rat Dumpster!

Neighbours with Twin Peaks, Whitney and The Orwells they are now residents and proud members of the Chicago Music scene that is still growing exponentially everyday. Here they got a follower sincerely curious not only to see them perform live as well as to hold a Conversession. Not all the vibes coming from the US are bad in the end of the day! 

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