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Skinshape – Psychedelic Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop infused instrumental

Started as a solo project when he was 16 in his bedroom, London-based Will Dorey, bass player for Palace and co-founder of the reggae record label Horus Records, is continuing to flourish as well as nourish his incredible music. Having released 3 albums, his latest one ‘Life & Love’ in May, the confidence, warmth, laid-back and freshness of his material considering he plays most instruments, produces as well as records this in his own studio is marvellous and dreamy to say the least.

Dorey draws on various types of influences from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop to Psychedelia, that touch on different eras, always unearthing tones which are really refreshing. His debut self-titled album in 2014 had some brilliant tracks from a soothing, psychedelic combo which blend together perfectly. “Live by the Day” has a smooth melody, reverb all over the place, an awesome rhythmic section with a little cowbell, synths and organs dropping in whilst the fuzzy guitar provides the song with its dose of psychedelic. “Shangri-La” again provides a lovely rhythmic section with bongos taking center stage, groovy baseline and guitars mystically dancing along smooth vocals.

His next album came out a year later titled ‘Oracolo’, it continues this sort of spiritual, instrumental-driven journey that Dorey takes us on through his albums. “Summer” is full of warmth, beach vibes with its smooth guitar, bass and organ intertwining to lay you out on the sand by the sea as the sun sets. Reverb infused, psychedelic driven with vocals that tie this track up to be one of my favorites of the album alongside “Oracolo”, with a lovely trip-hop rhythmic section and a poignant guitar riff taking center stage, all backed up by the bass as well as psychedelic guitar parts jumping in and out. “Detroit” takes you on a sort of spiritual drive, with vocals, guitars and drums all tingling through intricate sequences whilst “Mandala” has a Western feel to it with a reverb, sliding guitar taking the stage, a bit of wah-wah pedal involved, smooth backing vocals as well as other instruments flowing through a beautiful melody.

Continuing with his style, laid-back and warm, ‘Life & Love’ only exemplifies the distinctive vibes Dorey can produce, “Inside” has an incredible chorus, mixed with a jumpy organ, guitars sliding and a bass providing the backbone to the melody, all whilst the drums jingle with that lovely hi-hat. In the second part of the song, bongos and piano are introduced bringing the tune to a soul sphere before being tied back to the main composition. “Don’t Call My Name” is dreamy, hopeful and again Dorey provides sliding guitars, a confident baseline and trippy guitars adding that extra layer to the melody.

Dorey has shown continuously that through his production and lead on instruments, he can transport you to different places with the distinctive sounds he produces, from sliding guitars to intricate rhythmic patterns, his influences are really reflecting off his music. All albums are laidback, his vocals are warm and give off senses of nostalgia that stays fresh throughout his material. Producing this by himself with his own recording equipment just adds the icing on the cake of what Dorey goes through as a musician and this experience will only set him up for bigger things to come.

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