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Solomon Grey – “Human Music” – Album Review

On the 16th of February the World will get to know one of the most beautiful and touching pieces of work that we have had the luck to listen in the last decade. After having released in 2016 their first album with an homonymous name “Solomon Grey” where they exposed for the first time their cinematic approach to music. From it and from the trailer of Dheepan where their music first appeared and made as much impact to the audience as the visuals did.

In this first album their inspiration came from fatherhood moments since both turned fathers during the writing of this first work and it was “Broken Light”, recorded in a car park in Fitzrovia, where they were doing one of the first showcases of this first work. Many were the positive critics from publications across the UK and now with “Human Music” they are ready to conquer the World’s ears. Their inspiration basis has shifted dramatically however the World has done so as well for the last couple of years and we can relate this development with a heavy correlation with the incidents happening in the World.

When I asked Joe what did he learn with this process with his mother:

“To Know that Someone you Dearly Love is about to Die grants You Time to Celebrate Life”.

It is in this premisse that this British Duo has started their second work titled “Human Music” and that proposal is fully fulfilled by them along the album. I had the chance to go deeper and ask them directly all about this spiritual search that they print in their most recent work. With the passing of Joe’s mother, after a announced and prolonged disease, they embarked in the adventure of sharing their last moments together in this terrestrial Earth. This granted Joe and his bandmate Tom with a perception of reality way more closer and broader as well as matured. This is heavily reflected upon their music which is now as they told us “more layered deep music” since they believe they have fully learned “How to express themselves through music” in a more truthful way.

The first single from this second project is called “The Game” and it was actually selected by their audience through an online voting competition called #youhaveachoice. They justified it at the time with “We couldn’t decide which track to play you first from our new record so we thought we would let YOU choose. You have a choice of two tracks from the album, The Game and Closed Door. See which one takes your fancy and we’ll put the track out in full. There is so much more of the story to come but this hopefully gives you the start. We don’t always have the right to choose but you have a choice.”. A curious marketing campaign that actually is not only efficient as it is proficient to the band and their audience since it solves their indecisions at the same time that we feel we are in some way customizing their work towards our taste. Moreover, no one better than your audience to determine which is the catchiest tune to be declared then a “single”.

When digging musically into the album one is expected to totally disconnect from the outside world and just go deep with them in this almost transe like trip filled by Angelic vocals and tremendous instrumentals that make the cinematic experience as real as your imagination can grasp. Within “The Weight” one takes a deep swim in one of the eleven deep oceans proposed by the duo based in London in this new work. The above mentioned “Closed Door” has this heavenly touch to it solidified within the immense vocal versatility of Joe’s character along this enchanting song.  The mysticism behind their sonority is one of the most resembled features of “Human Music” which incorporates in the most harmonious possible way all the elements that this duo can produce. With “Gaslight” and “Clouds” they have reached the peak of instrumental intensity within their work and managed to reproduce that same intensity with every single layer of these songs.

“The Game” is without a doubt the perfect single for this album as it also refrains from the album per se. Chorus sang by both of them make it hard to forget and w believe the radios will get their hands on this hand soon enough. The greatest build-up is offered in “Departed” a song that increases its intensity until the very end which coincides with the end of the album. A prosperous album that reinstates Solomon Grey’s position in the production of epic cinematic harmonies. Close your eyes and hold until the 16th when you can finally experience this “Human Music”.


Here are some of the Announced Tour Dates. We Hope some more dates will be announced closer to the Mediterranean Area so We can enjoy their warm tunes with some proper weather during Summer. I can already imagine listening to them in the middle of the beautiful woods of Vodafone Paredes de Coura …

Tour Dates of “Human Music”:

23 Feb               Brighton              Unitarian Church
27 Feb               Glasgow               Hug & Pint
28 Feb               Leeds                    Headrow House
06 March         Manchester       Band on the Wall
07 March         Bristol                  The Lantern
08 March         London                St Pancras Old Church (sold out)
09 March         London                St Pancras Old Church (extra date added)
13 March          Amsterdam      Vondelkerk 
23 March         Hamburg          Elbphilharmonie / Kleiner Saal
03 May             Köln                    Kulturkirche
05 May             Berlin                 Zeiss-Großplanetarium
25 Oct               London              Union Chapel

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