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Spiritualized: Back 2 Basics

A band does not seize its existance where its best album lies. A band should never end and should always be like Port Wine: “Progressively getting better with time!”. However, although I believe they are great fans of this type of alcohol, “Spiritualized”, the Brit Space Rock band that had the major release “Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space” back in 1997, has not been always there, at the top. It also has had many breaks, changes and actually was started as “Spacemen 3”, since its founder and only original member Jason Pierce was as well known as “Jason Spaceman”, always reffering to their genre, Space Rock. 

The last couple of years we have been witnessing amazing returns from musicians we figured dead in the 90’s. From “Avalanches” to “Slowdive”, the returns have been incredibly successful with these bands playing exactly how they played twenty years ago, with the divine touch of technology ending up being used in the most prolific and mainly discrete way. Spiritualized followed this trend and made it even better than the latter mentioned bands. Maybe because they actually never stopped playing.

They just got lost in Space and now came back in a Rocket ship no one knew existed.

Although many considered that the album released six years ago, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, was their definite return from the 1997 monumental trip. However in our opinion that was just the beggining of that journey that now proves to be completed with And Nothing Hurt. As well the audience is now with another musical education towards Psychedelia, since it has been one of the most played genres in the alternative rock music scene for the last decade. However those same fans have now a very important task. If, too young, they should go and listen to their previous works already mentioned and only after that go straight to their newer. An important step in order to fully appreciate what can possibly be the last episodeof a beautiful Spacial trip.

The last and most important step, that implies you already have heard both the 97 and 2012 albums, is to understand that this last album is not a fully compilation. Dont expect to understand why were these songs together in the first place however if you listened to Spiritualized you do understand it. A band that in order to fully comprehend requires a level of open-mindness to the point of accepting that they managed to be more than just a group of people that would break up at some point. And that is maybe why they are still together, even if no one is an original member except for Jason, the legendary Spacemen 3, after all these years. As long as his head is aligned with the bands will to promote Space Rock, we will be able to keep enjoying these monumental pieces of art like And Nothing Hurt proved to be.



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