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Sundara Karma – Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect

Straight from Reading, U.K, the four-piece indie band run on youthful, popping and anthemic hits which will surge them to the big stages by summer time with everyone singing along.

Already into the first song, “A Young Understanding” brings us into the youthful way of seeing things, the confusion, anguish and frustration of adolescence: “Let go there is nothing more to hide seeing life through closed eyes its just young understanding”. This is followed by Shakespeare inspired “Loveblood”, a track with more punch due to the drums and poignant guitar riff in the background. “Olympia” which reminds us of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”, takes us to Paris and the story of a summer love. Suddenly, with a folky melody and orchestrated variations in vocals, we see the raw side to Sundara Karma with “Happy Family” which is an amazing ability to have, before the bass kicks in and then we find out what this band really is all about.

“Flame” is an absolute hit from start to finish with it’s catchy chorus “Hold my flame and set alight, Hold my fire screaming inside” and popping guitar riffs which scream out perfectly to create an indie-anthem. We then get a bit more acoustic with the melancholic “Lose the Feeling” accompanied by sweet guitar riffs and touching lyrics of discovery. Then comes “She Said”, a tune that really grew on us with it’s story of boys, girls, adolescence and coming of age which had us singing “She said I don’t wanna go out chasing, I kinda wanna go out dancing, Forget about the guys, Cause it doesn’t feel right” by our second listen of it.

At this point of the album, even though we’re enjoying the album, things feel a little repetitive and do lack a little variation or originality. Songs start to sound a little similar and you end up getting confused as to which is which – that’s why this album won’t be reaching a top note. However, the lyrics for the all the songs mentioned above are catchier as they go along, and don’t stop to be throughout the whole album. This is one of the band’s great features, their rhythmic, indie tunes continuously prove to be hits on hits, ones we imagine will be belted out from the top of people’s lungs. Even though sometimes you can’t quite understand what the lyrics are trying to say, they’re bloody catchy and melodically attractive which gets you humming and singing. Whilst there is a little darkness in what is sang, the songs make you feel like all will be fine in the end, no matter what life throws at you.

In conclusion, we’re pretty sure that by summer time, everyone will be watching this band on a main stage singing what will turn out to be indie anthems on life’s most cherished passage – youth.

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