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Ganso – Uma Banda de Malucos

Musicbox, casa cheia, copo na mão. Entram uns gajos estranhos com quimonos vestidos. São os Ganso. Tocam as suas músicas psicadélicas. Voz roca, solos de teclado, moche, charro, dança de olhos fechados, cantamos os singles. Copo acabado. Casa.

Minta & The Brook Trout – ConverSession

My first encounter with “Minta &The Brook Trout” was probably the same as for many, with “Falcon”  from their second full-length work, “Olympia”. A sad melancholic Pop ballad with one of their best guitar lines and a beautifully built chorus filled with harmonies from the Wind to the Strings categories. However “Minta’s” work does not resume itself to it. A project fronted by Francisca Cortesao has gathered already a dedicated audience and released their Third and Best work so far in 2016, “Slow”.

Mighty Sands – ConverSessions

In a dark February night, when the rain was already settling down, me and Bernardo parked the car in front of a church and embarked in yet another conversession, this time with a re-known band of the Portuguese scene. They intend to revolutionise music not only by playing it as well as from the industry perspective, since they are as well the proud founders of Spring Toast Records, that has been launching the younger names, of the endless pit of raw music talent, that Portugal has been proving to be!

Sandy Kilpatrick – ConverSession

Spiritual. Philosopher. Songwriter. Dreamer. If I would have to tag Sandy these would be the chosen words. A man that proves that music can still be done for the pleasure of the self as well as for spiritual retreat from the World, is now releasing his new Album, his third complete work, keeping alive the dream of someday being able of living just of his Art. If Alternative Folk would have a hero, his name would be Sandy Kilpatrick!

Them Flying Monkeys – ConverSessions

As I walked down the narrow streets the cloudy sunset colors were penetrating the mountains of Sintra, a location that could not be more mystical. A village in the middle of the forest where big castles towers appear in every corner as one walks by reminding me of those fairytales that one only hears about in Disney stories or more medieval/gothic tv shows like Game of Thrones. Our first question was directed to this place as an inspiration which was never seen as such by the band but they ended up acknowledging that in this first album to be released the 10th of February there are some clear marks of inspiration in this wonderful place.