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Tall Black Guy – Detroit’s talented Beat/Hip-Hop Producer

Terrance Wallace, otherwise known as Tall Black Guy is a Detroit-native and UK-based hip-hop producer, creating mellow beats as well as samples true to his upbringing of Jazz, Motown and early hip-hop. With his continuous hard-work at producing beats and remixes on Soundcloud, he’s released two official albums mixed with soul, jazz, groove with wavy vibes and brilliant sampling.

This artist has been none stop at work, just looking his name up on Youtube or his profile on Soundcloud, you can see the amount of material he’s put out there, earning him fans worldwide and recognition as one of the most influential producers of today. Through his intricate play on samples, layering and textures, TBG since 2011 has now released his work through bstrd boots, First Word Records, Ubiquity Records and his own label Tall Black Guy Productions. Collaborating with a ton of artists such as Moonchild, Ozay Moore, Diggs Duke and many more, he’s last album featured more live instruments than he had used before, bringing his set of skills as a beat producer to a different level.

TBG has a mindset in regards to sampling, it being one of his biggest strong points, he’s mastered the craft by listening, repeating and studying closely the details on records. “You need to get inside of the song and really listen,” he explains to HipHopDX, “I don’t even really collect a lot of records. I go back and listen to all the stuff I already had anyway. Nine times out of ten I’m gonna hear it a little differently.” One of the projects that just shows his skills is TBG vs Michael Jackson, where he wanted to turn the sound of ‘Off The Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ on its head by completely changing the direction of selected songs. This is just one example of the patience, hard-work and hours of listening TBG goes through to achieve what he wants – “That’s the beauty of sampling,” he explains. “Once you do it for a while, you can manipulate the sounds any way you want to.”

His latest album ‘Let’s Take A Trip’ (2016) is a brilliant, sharp record with distinctive sounds, tonic ensembles of instrumentals, percussions and soul-infused hip-hop, bringing inspiration from his hometown as well as collaborations in terms of vocals/rappers that fit perfectly to the songs. Just as he immerses himself in music when sampling and creating, he wants listeners to immerse themselves in his music, taking us on a trip through through different emotions, sounds and elaborate textures. Songs like “This One Is For the Ladies and Gents”, “I Will Never Know”, “Rocking from Beginning to End”, “Is There More To Life?” have caught my attention, even though I recommend listening to the full record which holds itself to be the perfect example of what TBG is all about.

I’ve known this artist for quite a while now, stumbling on one of his remixes a couple years back when I started using Soundcloud and I’m delighted to see his continuous growth as an artist and influencer. Having the pleasure to discover all the material I’ve missed out on makes me admire even more the work ethic this guy has and it reflects on his songs, the hours spent on his last album for example just shows that, TBG saying before its release: “I’ve been listening to this thing non-stop for the last few months, I’m getting to the point where I think I’m done, because if I keep adding stuff it will drive me insane.” Listen to his last album and take a trip with him, expecting more things to come from TBG who’s style and beat producing skills are only getting better by each track/remix he releases. Also, check out a Boiler Room Set he did back in 2015:

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