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The Pale White – Loud, Electric and Twisted Indie Rock

Having released another single just recently and with a summer packed of gigs which include Glastonbury’s BBC Introducing stage, the trio from Newcastle are on the rise for a promising future. Yet to release an album, the indie/alternative rock band have delivered tracks that has made it onto big radio stations such as Radio X, MTV Rocks as well as BBC Radio. Considering no album has been released yet, being scouted by Primary Talent International (Wolf Alice, Alt-J and The 1975) as well as a summer packed of performances, you have to check out what the hype is about.

Previously called Sun Dance, the name was changed after they got grasped onto the story of someone who nearly died, saying he could see the light and had gone completely white, describing the moment his life flashed before his eyes. They’ve been performing with Band of Skulls, Twin Atlantic and have taken part in festivals that contain big acts as well as uprising ones but have found themselves amongst the top. In an interview, they described their sound to be if The Black Keys and Nirvana had a loud and annoying baby, this would be them. They also look up to bands like Queens of Stone Age, Pixies and Led Zeppelin which can be heard in their sound, their rolling, thunderous guitar and bass combination alongside harmonies makes their rock music fresh.

Their first release was “Second Place”, with a ringing, dangly, stretched-out guitar, the base providing the back bone before the chorus erupts into a rock fest of head-banging goodness which takes us to a dark twist within the other half of the song, being led to the shadow of being second place and the anger of it being always the same.

“Reaction” has a stomping rhythm with an awesome assortment and synchronization between the drums, guitar as well as bass, which pops up in different times of the song. The front man provides enchanting vocals, the band saying this was the blueprint of what they are, something that can also be seen in their aesthetics in the video, these guys mostly wear black whilst having shades on, giving them a serious, mysterious vibe.

“Turn It Around” is their latest release with a rolling bass providing the backbone throughout the song, crashing cymbals and a fuzzy, sweet little guitar riff that adds to the structure of melody. Accompanied by a nice solo, the track holds itself to be a compact rock tune with catchy lyrics which only solidifies the idea of how good this band is, even for its early days.

Overall, a lot is still to be discovered from this trio, they keep lining up live performances with an energy that’s captivating and holding up to the vibe we get when listening to them. The drums are lively, the fuzz, chorused guitar is something not many artist use and the bass always provides that kick which puts the melody right up to your face. I love their combination of drums with guitar and bass in terms of when they all hit the notes together, sequences of it seen in various parts of their song which may not be obvious but carry a refreshing structure, creating that difference which makes them great. Their explosive melodies which are both catchy yet twisted at times, relates back to how they look and how we feel when listening to them. Unfortunately, no full-length album has been released but I can’t wait to see what it brings, their touring will only add to their confidence and experience, meaning we can expect big things from these guys.

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