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The Surfing Magazines Band

Here we go, back again to the late 60s!
The Surfing Magazines is a band born from a cohesion of two other music groups: Slow Club and The Wave Pictures, and since they joined in 2016, they’ve been booming within the current indie music scene.

Last Sunday these four American geniuses gave a concert in Madrid, for the first time. Their different tracks have a garage-rock style with influences from Lou Reed to Bob Dylan and American surf music from the 60s.
From their debut single “Lines and Shadows” to “Voices Carry Through the Mist”, The Surfing Magazines just rock it out with their voices, drums, bass and electric guitars. Out of the four members, three of them sang their own songs. Moreover, their performance combined a mix of emotions inside the room through the continuous change of their song style, as explained by  their aim “to rock out and blow your mind, and then mellow out and soothe your mind, then rock out again, all in a genre ranging from rock, surf, and indie”.
Below is a picture I took with the band after the concert and a few drinks. From left to right: David Tattersall, bass guitar; Dominic Brider, drummer; Franic Rozycki and Charles Watson; both singer and electric guitarrist.
The Surfing Magazines is currently on tour through the rest of Spain, so if you enjoy their vibe and music, plan to go on a trip and watch one of their concerts… 100% worth it. The tour details are below.
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