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The Walk of Life with Bed Legs

In a morning like any other, we went to the center of Lisbon, more precisely the financial part of Lisbon (if there is one), in order to interview a band we had not much knowledge about other than that we loved their new Album. Bed Legs, since when created they were four, now counting with five members they sustained their name since as Ferna, vocalist, said: “Well the bed structure broke you know… So now we need a fifth leg in the middle to support it altogether”. Humour is for sure one of their strengths alongside their pure and raw Rock&Roll. In front of us more than Ferna, vocalist of Bed Legs and leader of the Project Angela Policia, we had Hélder bassist of Bed Legs and an amazing free spirit!

Their morning was already longer than ours with some interviews and some chill sessions already had before noon, when we were just about to eat breakfast, some beers and coffee. After we finished it we started walking. The excuse was that their car was parked far away and without a parking ticket (obviously) and as many are aware, in Lisbon that’s a risky move, since EMEL (Parking Police Entity) works so well in Lisbon.

“Let’s do The Walk of Life!” said Fernando Fernandes, a.k.a Ferna:

“My Dad always said it this way, every time I wanted to take a shortcut and he wanted to go through the main avenue filled with people”. And as one walks it seems like the need to comment what surrounds you increases and suddenly philosophical questions were arising! Who would you turn gay for ? Freddie Mercury and Jim Morrison are the names on the table. Bands you would listen as references? Incubes for one! Black Sabath for another! They don’t really collect them, they just absorb some from each and then blend it organically as a band.

However what really matters is their latest album, homonym, of the band “Bed Legs” that comes to reinforce this final look of the band. A pure rock band with no characters other than the ones below depicted, that have the abnormal tendency nowadays of living according to Rock&Roll standards. Playing the distortion loud enough to bother the snobs, the lyricism deep enough so that teenies don’t really understand and enough despise for the material world while loving the real one. 

The album opens with one of the best tracks of 2018, “Spillin’ Blood”, which has all the right ingredients for the proof of concept that the instrumental were now complete and sounding “cleaner and my voice was more on point with them as well!” adds Ferna. He also told us their greatest feature is “live acting”. The whole energy of the band condenses and prepares to destroy the audience in front of them the best way possible. Grunge is a patented trademark in both of these men souls and lyrics such as “Still getting drunk, still acting bad  // To see that this life is fuckin’ crap “ are as simple as needed nowadays. In “Thief of Myself” a more reflective Ferna goes about how one can end up fucking more himself just by the simple act of purchasing empty relationships or just wrong directions in life. An inspiring character that everyone that knows Portuguese should to get to know better in Angela Policia where he makes tracks like “Gracas” that need to be elevated where they belong in the national industry.


Concluding, what we can say about “Bed Legs” and their self-titled album, is that we will “Dance! Get Up and Dance!” in order to “Keep On” with this rock & roll vibes in Portugal sang in English! We have to “Feed the Will” of tourists to listen to great Portuguese music and understand the lyrics! It was also incredible to meet two guys that have at least ten years more than me although with about the same musical references printing the same type of revolt into music. However they manage to translate that into music perfectly, exactly as I wish I could do!

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