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The Wheels – From Mallorca to the World

Coming from Palma de Mallorca, where the Sun and the Sea are kings, it is with that almost Australian breeze that they bring us this beautiful rendering of Psych Rock with noticeable influences ranging from the 60 to 70’s transition of The Beatles idolization to The Doors; to most recent music from Mac Demarco, Tame Impala and King Gizzard. Andres, vocalist-bassist and founder of “The Wheels” spent some time talking to us to explain where will they go from here.

They have been around for a long time since the name arises from the primordial jams when the drummer and the main vocalist of the band would jam together and actually already call themselves “The Wheels”. Since then, when approaching something more serious in High School the name stuck. More than that, Andres reminds me of Lennon’s tune “Watching The Wheels” and says how in a joke they like to think he wrote it for them, anticipating what the future could musically be. Andres joined when he was 14 with another friend and founder. The four main elements of The Wheels were constituted (latest add was Rick, guitar player) almost ten years ago, with the dream of fighting the musical emptiness that they felt there was in the post-grunge era until recently with this upsurge of Alternative music bringing back what he felt as “The Real music” he always loved to hear and had the sense it was lost back in the 70’s. However, Andres having English roots moved to London to form “Venice Trip” a first great example of how he always knew music was going to be his life and where he managed to absorb different influences. With them, he toured the UK, had some fun and ended up dissolving somewhere last year due to personal motives. Some songs, like “Said Too Much” will remain in the loop of discontinuity although I would have loved to have seen them live.

Around this time last year Andres got a call from The Wheels, back in Mallorca that had just finished recording their first major work and wanted to have all the members of the band back together in order to be able to do all the tour dates they had ahead in the year of 2017. After listening to “Year of The Monkey”, this incredible piece of Art that they call their first work, Andres joined them in Palma de Mallorca in Christmas time last year to go back to his roots and take this band from where he grew to the whole World. From January to March the rehearsals were intense and from then on the Tours started. And truth be said, it could have not gone better. From Barcelona’s Primavera Sound, to Mexico, passing by the whole mainland of Spain and even checking by London, it was with great acclamation that both audience and critics have received this first work and live performances. When I asked Andres on how this album had no involvement from his part in the creative process and how did he feel about playing something he did not create since he is a songwriter par excellence. His answer could not have been better:

“I Was Honored that they called me back to come and defend this album. From now on I will be inputting my creativity as well, but I feel that in a way this album is an evolution process of The Wheels that I was part of. More than that there are no Egos here. We are all friends trying to compose the best possible material.” 

During the next two years they will be spreading one “Year of The Monkey” and possibly a new album that might be born during tour as their creative process tends to be extremely free-flowing. With every individual composing a base of a song and recording it with the phone they end up putting forward around 50 samples each and pick and choosing among each others tunes. The best end up being selected to be tried and rehearsed and the drummers house, where he has their own cozy studio and record the final product, as well as they do in Espora Records, label of this first album. More than that, Andres resembles the importance of going out of the studio and trying the songs live first since you can never be mistaken that a song sounds the same inside of a studio or in a soccer stadium.

Finally, we ended up having philosophical talks about where is music heading the next years, and how proud we are of some of its current representatives like Mild High Club for their unique way of making musique, the mad professionalism of King Gizzard or the level of f**** given by Mac Demarco in live shows and how nowadays all these bands are “friends” with each other ending up creating a strong network of non-mainstream alternative music that does everything for IT. “10 years ago this kind of music didn’t exist” he remarks. Nor did Just Musically Speaking. And it is with this stronger network of artists that we try to as well unite the audience and keep the communication channel open for everyone that loves good music. 


Thank you Andres and The Wheels, for the Music and the time, and I Hope I see you guys in a Huuuuge Stadium sometime soon 😉 

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