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The XX – “I See You” and We See What You Did There

5 years later after a way less successful second album than their first its with their third that they confirm their presence as an own genre that will melt the hearts of their fans and turn many skeptics into groupies. 

When I had the chance of hearing their first single of this new album, “On Hold”, I have to say I was quite disappointed and expecting to have another poppy cheap cover of their first Album with the same sonorities and picking up what I did not like from their “Coexist” Album that had lost the consistency and innovation always present in each song of “xx” the major appearance to the public in 2009 with hymns like “Intro”, “Crystalized” and “Shelter”. However I could not be more wrong…

After picking up “Say Something Loving” my smile of “What the hell are they doing?” in that positive way when we hear something totally different and new from everything we are used to was back. And that is what I most value in The XX. They always want to make something new in terms of melody and harmony that makes us drift apart from life and just lets us enjoy every second of their uniqueness. And finally they do!

From an amazing first song with trumpets bursting the first 5 seconds followed by a light drum & bass completed by Jamie XX’s sexy tone perfectly complemented by the deepness of  Romy to one of their best “A Capella” works ending the journey of this Album with “Test Me” as their last and tenth song of the album that makes us travel through space with the drums sounding as spacey drops of water and the synth the screams of aliens dissipating into infinity.

In the between of these two brilliant songs, from 1 to 10 you have different samples of brilliance of a band that finally matured, after 8 years of their first appearance and now can say “We are here. We are queer. And everyones loves us”. 10 different songs, 10 different trips, 10 different sub-genres inside of one greater genre that we can not identify as Space Rock, nor Alternative Pop nor anything else than “The XX”. And that is their major contribution to the World of Music. They sound like themselves and no one even dares to copy nor follow this because only they can do it.

Lastly, I don’t want to ruin Your personal experience through this Album, but I nowadays sing in the shower frequently “Performance” where I picture a Ballet Performance in a dark scenery reminding “Black Swan” scenes and can’t take out of my mind those initial ghostly vocals from “Lips” and the incredible lyricism of that song.

Just A Extraordinary Album to Start off the Year of 2017! 

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