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Them Flying Monkeys – ConverSessions

As I walked down the narrow streets the cloudy sunset colors were penetrating the mountains of Sintra, a location that could not be more mystical. A village in the middle of the forest where big castles towers appear in every corner as one walks by reminding me of those fairytales that one only hears about in Disney stories or more medieval/gothic tv shows like Game of Thrones. Our first question was directed to this place as an inspiration which was never seen as such by the band but they ended up acknowledging that in this first album to be released the 10th of February there are some clear marks of inspiration in this wonderful place.

The precise location was “Legendary”, a coffee chosen by TFM (“Them Flying Monkeys”) themselves. As we later are told it was actually in this same place that the name was decided. And Yes, We did ask them why such an “out of the box” name and the answer was not so clear. There was a public selection process where friends voted but their decision was not the one the band liked. However all the names in the process involved animals. They resemble that this was an important stage for them to establish that the band would always have an odd number of members so that decisions would be easily voted in a democratic way and with the entrance of Chico, Keyboard player they were finally 5 and the decision was made to be called “Them Flying Monkeys”. Although this name urges after the music “Space Monkey” they do not relate it directly.

Another question that always arises in conversations with bands is where do they get their influences from. In this case they told us that due to the fact they had really different music tastes they did an album exchange system where each member would give to another an album of their taste so that they would end up blending all of them in one creating the unique “Neo-Psicadelic Alternative Rock” they are nowadays identified with. And this is why they even say:

“We don’t care about influences. What we play is what we are”. 

When asked where do they want to make the difference with their music they gave one of the best answers by the voice of Luis which actually is the vocalist:

“We want to keep being told what we already are. “You guys are so much better live”. This is what we love to do! To play live for the people that love what we do and that is why we give them so much and will keep doing so!”

Having already released “Molly” the first single from their Album we confronted them saying it was totally different from what we saw in their entry EP and even that we found it less interesting due to the fact it was more mainstream to what they fairly answered:

“We thought it would be the easiest one to listen and probably the more catchy. More than that we had a really cool videoclip for it and so we decided to introduce ourselves with it”.

They also advanced us that the next videoclip coming out in a couple of days would be the one for “Halos” that already goes more in the current of the storyline of the new Album still with the participation of the same “Molly” girl. When asked about the connection between MD (famous drug also called “Molly”) they told us that they did not know about this until they producer told them and that is why they decided to use a Smarty to reproduce this connection. The new and first complete album, coming out February 10th, will have a story “That we strongly encourage the listener to find out and email us his version to which we will answer if it is close or not to our intention” says Hugo the drummer of the band which reinforces the idea that the first EP was done in two different recordings where Chico, the fifth member, was not present as a keyboard player and Hugo took control of it of what Chico says “You will see the difference in the keyboards clearly in this new album” making fun of Hugo’s skills that honestly impressed us in themes like “Black Ship”.

We already gave a listen to their soon to be released “Halos” and can’t wait for the “Amazing Videoclip with the hot girl from the previous”  as described by the band and can tell you that Them Flying Monkeys are Damn Good and are on the right track to release one of the best albums of 2017 for the category of “First Album”.

Specifically about “Halos” we praise the incredible bass line as much as the Chorus with the Spacey Vocals that Luis already showed us previously with the incredibly heavy guitar that just gives the perfect companion to a solid drum line where the keyboards are not specially present but every time they appear we say “Yeah, thats where they belong!”. 

They will start a Tour around Portugal from February to May, starting with what they say will be a crazy Gig in MusicBox, Lisbon the 17th of February where they will already play all their new songs! We are going to be there for sure! Their dream stage is Paredes de Coura, after having played in Nos Alive and BBK Bilbao due to having won EDP Best New Band competition last year, where they expect to be this August “If the Album goes accordingly to our expectations” says Joao the Bass player.



Members of the Band and “Who would you like to have in your band as a + 1 ? ” : (in order from left to right)

João Tomázio: Bassist – Jack White

Hugo Lúzio: Drummer – Frank Zappa

Luis Judicibus: Vocalist – Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley)

Francisco Dias: Keyboarder – John Lennon

Diogo Sá: guitarrist – Kurt Cobain

Pictures by: @bernassg @mym8jack

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