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Timi Temple – A Young Man making an Old Boy Proud!

Writing about music you still don’t know about is our thrill. Having the artists contact us with music We don’t know and end up falling in love is rare although it does happen at least once a week! And this was the case of this one! Timothy sent us a message, straight from Sidney, where he is from, with his new single “Young Man, Old Boy”. After listening to it and to his previous works I knew what to do. 

Being 27 a man feels “Too old, for little sleep… Too young, for counting sheep… Too old, for getting high… Too Young, for staying dry”. Also known as the age one has to die with to go to Rock Heaven, it’s a disturbing stage in the life of anyone, when being an adult is still far and being a teen overdone. Timi only has one certainty since he started breathing: music. And with that in mind he has been living life around it. He’s spent over two decades discovering and mastering different instruments and genres. From performing classical violin at the Sydney Opera House and touring internationally with a Jazz Troupe, to playing at Electronic music festivals.

What does he sound like? Being an Australian he has picked up on the most successful genre of the country with his own twist. Being assumedly inspired in the 70’s Psych/Rock wave led by the puristic Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, he inputs his electronic vibes and creates a new blend of Rock. From the first chords, to the general idea of the song, to playing the instruments in studio, producing and handling all the aspects of his career he has been doing it all by himself. That just adds on to the character that as you can start imagining by the picture and all this DIY production has some genius into it! This is as well the reason for such a cohesive final product. From single covers, to cool t-shirt’s, videoclips, he has his own brand up and going based on some great music soon to be compiled into an album! Above you have “Sands of Time”, one of his catchiest tunes that hasn’t left our mind for days now…

“Live, you can expect to be taken on an aural journey with tumultuous moments of blistering guitar work suddenly warping to solid dance grooves only then to have the rug pulled out from under and intimately wrenched with heartfelt stories.” – Timi Temple

Timi picked up on the most exhilarating details of Tame Impala, gave it the necessary Pop chorus to make it catchy AF and created his own little universe that has been now exploiting fully and slowly sharing with us. We are sure we are showing you new music! And we know how risky that can be… However this time We are also sure that you will hear his name more often and one day remember that you first heard about this crazy dude through us. And then our mission will be achieved.

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