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Total Giovanni – Heart-Break House/Pop Funk Fun For All

From Melbourne, Australia, the five-piece band release pure dance, funk and energy in their songs as well as performances. With a member on the mixer producing the beat in the back, two guitarist, bass player and vocalist, these lads bring the party to you, building them a reputation like no other right now.

We haven’t seen new material from them since 2015 but that doesn’t stop us from listening to this mixture of electronic/pop funk with smooth baselines and catchy guitar riffs and dance our socks off. Released under the Melbourne label Two Bright Lakes, their music is set to enable collective psychic liberation through its use of heartbreak house and italo disco, the perfect song to summarize this is their fantastic “Can’t Control My Love” (2014):

Absolutely love the composition of this tune, the catchy refrain, smooth keyboard, voices and the break at 2:45 which has everyone clapping/jiggling about.

With 4 brilliant singles to their name, I can’t wait for them to bring out more material, these boy’s passion for dance/fun is felt through their live performances and reflects on the crowd watching them. It’s hard to come by artist who remember to enjoy themselves, to shine the light on the listeners and get them to feel what they’re feeling. Luckily, TG are still touring hard around Australia and I can only hope for some possible gigs in Europe because they’re style has me needing to see these boys.

Their latest material “When We Break” (2015) is another check on the list for a brilliant single with a heart-melting chorus that has me singing –  “I will break your heart”

Their reputation succeeds them, just check out the crowd and the fun the band’s having up there, looking like gods amongst men!

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