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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food – Album Review

THEY WENT FOR THE ESSENTIAL. Sex & Food. Two of the greatest, most glorious and obviously more satisfying of life. The Unknown Mortal Orchestra referenced by many as the prodigal sons of New Zealand, bringing their totally “soundbreaking” RnB Rock with all the right dusts of Psych, Lo-Fi and Indie. They started with tunes like “Ffunny Ffrends”, still one remarkable anthem of the Indie that has been heard for the last decade and managing to be their most successful in the charts, at least in Mexico. 

The band started and released their homonymous first album in 2011 with the above mentioned anthem being one of its major references alongside with “Thought Ballune”. After the first, usually comes the second. And indeed “II” was born with “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” bring the depths of the work to life and “So Good At Being in Trouble” the catchyness of the Indie. Finally, their most successful album, “Multi-Love” and most heard song around the world, came in 2015. The World knew them and loved every single detail from the live performances, to the visual albums turned into life in extraordinary youtube videoclips.

Last Friday, after releasing “American Guilt” that has been reaching out every cool radio station around the World, Unkwown Mortal Orchestra where they showed us a way darker side of their sonority, the album “Sex & Food” was released. With it the single of “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” which has little to do with the revious mentioned and a lot to do with their previous works with an even more refined Pop feeling into it. The voice perfectly aligned with the melody of the instrument works perfectly within their sound and another proof of this is “Not in Love Just High” which not only describes an incredible feeling as well as it paints it exactly with the correct weirdness. 

When searching for the most introspective moment one ends up falling into deep with “The Internet of Love (That Way)” and its emphatic riff. This latest album is as well the band’s longest and most comprehensive album and a clearer storyline. However I would just point out the “lost in translation” feeling to some songs “How Many Zeros” or “This Doomsday”. The end of this work could not be more pleasing with a simple song that will reach out to even the hardest ear for its “Beatlesque” vibe. Just to think that this whole band that nowadays moves crowds around the World started with Ruban Nielson, the vocalist of the band, posting anonimously back in 2010 the song “Ffun Ffrends”. In one day they were famous. Make sure you don’t have any original pearl awaiting to bring you to the most amazing starlight there is. Music’s. 



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