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VULFPECK When the Rhythm Section Takes Over

This was one of those bands that I would listen once in the car and never be able to pick Shazam in time of syncing with them, or even grasp it in some cool late night bar when the phone was already for a couple of hours until a couple of months ago when they came up in some really funky Youtube loop. Since then we have been inseparable.

The song that got me that time was “Dean Town” not only for the unbelievable bass line being played as well for the fact that they play it in a living room(there is even a retro lamp being used as part of the drum kit) making something so complex just seem simple and laid back. After that I just started listening to them compulsively swimming around their two albums and four Ep’s.

Their two main lines are clearly the Funk RnB well expressed in “1612” one of their great hits that will always put you in a good mood just by singing that “code to my heart”; and an obvious rhythm section (drums+bass) living a lot from influencers like Jaco Pastorious noticeable due to the great talent of  Joe Dart the bassist that many already consider one of the best at the moment. This talent prominent from every member of the band could create a mess in the time of creating new music with every musician pulling more for its instrument. However the discipline and maturity of this already six year old band is remarkable not only on stage as well as composing. Even the Albums are exactly 10 songs each and the EP’s 6 songs (all the four of them) creating an universe of funky music of 44 songs plus a new one just launched in 2017, “Something”, yes a cover from the one and only of The Beatles featuring the majestic drummer Bernard Purdie THE influence of Jack Stratton, the drummer.

In 2014 they did however one really curious move. Probably revolted with the situation of the music streaming platforms taking over big part of the profits and so they created in Spotify a “silent album” where one would “listen” to the songs just to generate money through them in order to support a future “Admission Free Tour”. Spotify did not like this scheme and after two months took it down. It was however quite late since they had already crowdfunded 20K $ (US Dollars) and did went on a tour a couple of months after that.

Four guys based in L.A and coming from Michigan Music Scene that take music quite seriously and always print a relaxed professionalism into their music that has been gathering many fans specially among the more expert music listeners that recognise the difficulty behind of what is being produced. The perfect company every time you want a bit of Funk playing in your “Back Pocket”.

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