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Whitney – The Happy Story of a Break-Up

Coming from Chicago, probably one of my favourite musical scenes in American at the moment, they are not just one more Indie Rock band. Not late in 2014, the Smith Westerns broke up. A relation that started back in 2009 with their first self-titled debut album. After that three more album until the dismise, where they got a some sort of recognition that with a repeatedly Indie-Pop sound would not lead them anywhere. As they acknowledge it, Max Kakacek their guitarist and drummer Julien Ehrlich (also from Unknown Mortal Orchestra) leave and create Whitney!

Their complicity started as roommates, where they already had to cooperate when song-writing. However Ehrlich started singing and there was a turn in their sonority where the Indie was going down a notch and focusing more on the deeper and darker side of Indie. Melodies that have the same capacity as Mona Lisa, of not really comprehending if the feeling you get from it is of happiness or just pure melancholy, one just ends up getting himself lost in the trip of perfect melodies tuned chorus.

Albums? Well only one actually, quite recently in 2016, named “Light Upon a Lake” with a beautiful yet very simple cover, exactly as they. And amazingly enough they were on Pitchfork Best 50 Albums of the Year! And got the audience with hopes there were never towards their previous projects which has making them focus solely in this project. With whom are they building it? Well, there is no one better to play music that the ones you already know. So they gather some from the Western others from East and make a band out of friendship for now!

The Perfect tune to slow down the time and chill with the perfect Nostalgia Chicago scented. A perfect acquisition for any Festival in town, they are heading now to Nos Primavera Sound, in Oporto, one of the Best Festivals in Europe with the line-up Primavera Sound is used to provide, in a city with such carisma as Oporto.

“No Woman” was definitely my first contact with them, and with this song I have made many friends. From that one went to “Polly” and “Southern Nights” and at some point I felt I was down in a river in Chicago woods where I previously would only meet with such character as Bon Iver or Eddie Vedder, which actually is from the Chicago music scene, later adopted to Seattle and the Grunge. In simple words, a tribute to great music is what this two made out of a beautiful break up.

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